Soup of the day £4.50
Grilled Halloumi V

Chargrilled finest Cyprus-can Cheese with fried tomatoes

Borek V

Crispy Pastry filled with feta & mozzarella cheese, spinach and parsley

Prawn Guvec

Baby prawns, peppers, onions and muchrooms cooked in tomatoe sauce with herbs, topped with cheese and cooked in a clay dish

Turkish Sucuk

Chargrilled, slightly spiced Turkish sausage

King Prawn Pan

Pan of fried King Prawns with cream & mushroom sauce


Prawn & Mushrooms

Baby prawns, pan fried with mushrooms in tomate sauce, cooked in a clay dish

Garlic Bread with Cheese V

Toasted panini bread, topped with garlic and mozzarella cheese
Falafel V

Finely chopped red and green peppers, fresh dill, celery, coriander, chickpeas. Deep fried with houmous

Mini Kofte

Fried lamb meatballs served in medium spiced tomato sauce

Hot Combo for 2 people

A selection of Borek, sucuk, falafel and halloumi served with houmous