Lentil Soup V

Served with bread

Grilled Halloumi V

Chargrilled finest Cyprus-can Cheese with bread

Borek V

Crispy Pastry filled with Feta cheese and parsley

Calamari V

Deep fried squid rings in a light crispy batter. Served with tarter sauce

Sucuk  efes-pepper

Chargrilled, slightly spiced Turkish sausage

Tiger Prawns

Chargrilled with pepper and onion, glazed
with garlic and lemon juice


Fried King Prawns efes-pepper

King Prawns fried in butter, with fresh chilli and garlic

Garlic Bread with Cheese V

Toasted panini bread, topped with garlic and mozzarella cheese
BBQ Chicken Wings (4)

Cooked with BBQ sauce

Falafel V

Chickpeas, bulgur wheat, beans, celery, parsley,

onions & garlic blended with herbs & peppers

Lamb’s Liver

Diced liver cooked with spring onion, parsley

and herbs

Vegetable Samosa V

Spicy fresh vegetables and special spices in a crispy pastry

Lamb Samosa V

Stuffed with minced lamb, fresh vegetables and special spices in a crispy pastry

Hot Combo

A selection of Borek, Kalamari, Sucuk, Falafel

and Halloumi