Houmous V

Pureed chickpeas with tahini and garlic, drizzled witholive oil and lemon.  Served with bread

Cacik (Tzatziki) V

Cucumber in creamy yogurt with a hint of garlic.Served with bread

Sarma – Stuffed Vine Leaves V

Vine leaves filled with a combination of short grain-rice, tomato and spicy herbs.  Served with bread

Ezme V

A tasty salad comprising a variety of vegetables,flavoured with chilli and olive oil.  Served with bread

Mixed Olives V

Zlamato olives marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.  Served with bread

Ali Nazik V

Pureed aubergine prepared with yogurt, olive oil and garlic.  Served with bread

Prawn Cocktail

With avocado and Marie Rose sauce on a bed of lettuce

Kisir V

Bulgur, red peppers, spring onions, tomato, presley, fresh dill with olive oil, lemon juice and pomegranate dressing. Served with bread

Chicken Salad

Chicken breast with yogurt, mayonnaise, garlic, cucumber and dill. Served with bread

Cold Combo V

A selection of Houmous, Cacik, Ali Nazik, Ezme, Kisir, Mixed Olives and Vine Leaves.  Served with bread