Cooked over an authentic charcoal open fire to capture the taste of Mediterranean Cuisine.Served with Salad +1 classic side

Adana Kebab (Spicy Minced Lamb)

Spicy mince lamb, mixed with peppers, parsley & herbs

Lamb Shish

Marinated diced lamb cubes

Lamb Chops (Pirzola)

Lightly spiced, tender lamb chops

Mixed Grill

Chicken wings, chicken cubes, lamb cubes, lamb chops

& a skewer of Adana

Sarma Beyti

Spicy minced lamb with a hint of garlic wrapped in a

tortilla bread. Served with yogurt & tomato sauce


Chicken Shish

Marinated and diced chicken cubes
Tandoori Chicken Shish

Pieces of chicken breast marinated in a tandoori sauce

Vegetarian Shish V

Chargrilled aubergine, mushrooms, peppers and onion.

Served with Halloumi cheese and tomato sauce

Shish Combo

1 Shish Adana, 1 Shish Chicken

Mix Shish

Adana, Chicken Shish & Lamb Shish

Kaburga (Lamb Ribs)

Charcoal-grilled spare ribs of lamb, lightly flavoured with oregano

Sizzler Chicken

Charcoal-grilled diced chicken, on fried onion and peppers


Chicken wings, chicken cubes, lamb cubes, lamb chops, a skewer of Adana, special home-made tomato sauce, garnished with mozzarella cheese